Legalizing gambling – The war

Goverments around the world claim that gambling makes players addicted, this is why some nations try to criminalize online gambling and keep it unavailable from their citizens. By for example making it difficult to send money to online gambling rooms. This has been done by for example the norwegian goverment, still they themselves after years of trying to┬áminimize the online casino popularity in their ideology of that the online casino games increase addiction cause of great graphics they have since some time added actual(!) casino games that can be found on online casinos, on their “carefull for not becoming an addict-slot machines”. The payout is very much smaller than the online casino rooms and is so to avoid gambling addiction still they claim that “a gambling addict always believes he will win.” so what use is there for that type of prevention?

Addiction to gambling is not as believed something made by the gambling industry itself but is a mental disorder found in a large group of persons who already dispose a need of addiction, either drugs, moneygames or sugar. This is widely known in psychiatry. What does this mean? It means it is not the games themselves that are causing the problem but the disease in those persons, this type of mental disorder makes it so that if one can not fulfill one need one goes to another – If there were no gambling persons would turn to drugs risking life itself or increase obsesity and risking serious diseases. Loosing some amounts of money is a better alternative than those two listed above.

The prohibition and war against gambling is because of its highly addiction risk, many players already suffer by not beeng able to play online cash games at their own free will cause of the ignorance of most nations when it comes to online gambling.